Counselling Works

Counselling Works

Being listened to, really being heard and seen, has a profound effect on healing and transformation.

The power of counselling lies in in the space between you and me, the “therapeutic relationship”, which allows you to experiment with new behaviours in a safe environment.

My role as an experienced counsellor is to provide you with a safe environment for you to examine areas of your life by talking openly and freely. I will neither judge you, nor offer advice. You are the expert in your own life. Together we will explore the ways for you to be able to make your own choices and make effective decisions which promote positive changes in your attitudes and behaviours.

These are some of the counselling approaches which I am trained in:

Humanistic counselling

recognises the uniqueness of every individual. The central theme assumes that you have inherent resources to enable you to deal with whatever life throw up – it is not life events that cause problems, but how you experience these life events. The aim is for you accept both the negative and positive aspects of yourself.

Behavioural counselling

is based on the assumption that the environment determines your behaviour. It focuses on identifying, understanding and managing both your thoughts and actions and developing strategies to change unhealthy thinking habits and behaviours.

Psychodynamic counselling

explores your unconscious thoughts and emotions and aims to build a greater self awareness and understanding of past influences on your current behaviour.

Gestalt therapy

encourages growth and self responsibility by increasing your self awareness within both the mind and body.

Solution focused therapy

is a short term, goal focused approach which centres on your strengths and capabilities rather than any perceived limitations.

Systemic therapy

approaches problems in a practical rather than an analytical way. It identifies and addresses stagnant patterns without analysing the cause of those patterns. The therapy works by encouraging the development of new patterns within the system (most often the family).

Narrative therapy

regards you as the expert in your own life and treats problems as distinct from the person. It assumes that you have many skills, beliefs, values and abilities which will help you to alter the impact of problems in your life.

My counselling style is grounded in the philosophies of humanistic counselling – I regard you as the expert in your own life. I take an eclectic approach to counselling frameworks, applying various techniques and frameworks depending upon which are most appropriate to your needs and your individual circumstances.